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3 ways to start an investment portfolio

Starting an investment portfolio can be daunting task given the number of investment options and complexity in various investments. To help you get moving along your wealth creation path, here are three simple ways to start an investment portfolio;

1. Invest into a Managed Fund - With enhancements in technology, you can easily get access to managed funds with as little as $500. A Managed Fund is where you invest your money into a Fund (with other poeple) and it is ...


An emotional rollercoaster

One of the biggest detractors from wealth is emotions. Emotions have a large influence your financial decisions. You could be buying a home or holding a stock that is falling. It is important when you are creating wealth to try and separate emotional and financial rationale.

Russell Investment Group has released an emotional rollercoaster that shows the different emotions an investor experiences through various investment cycles.

When you first enter the market you enter with optimism and as your investment ...


Exposure to shares without the stress!

Have you ever wanted to own shares but you don’t know which ones to pick?

Thanks to technology there is now a solution for you that was previously only available to high net worth investors with more than $500,000 to invest.

It is called a Separately Managed Account or SMA.

An SMA allows you to own shares directly (legally in your name) but they are chosen by a professional who is managing millions of dollars. It is very ...

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Borrowing to Invest

Borrowing, or gearing as it is commonly referred to is a great strategy to help you accumulate wealth. There are many different types of version of 'borrowing to invest' and you need to understand the complexities of each before you invest.

From a basic perspective, you borrow money from a lending provider (usually a bank) and then combine this money with yours to invest in an asset. The combined income and growth you receive needs to be greater than the ...


Obama wins 2nd term and must immediately address 'the fiscal cliff'

As has been reported widely Barak Obama has won a 2nd term in office as President after a sweeping and comprehensive victory against the Republican challenger Mitt Romney.  In terms of governance, the Republicans still control the 'lower house' Congress, whilst Democrats have expanded their majority in the 'upper house' Senate.  This will make the passing of legsilation difficult as the Republicans have effective veto in the Congress.  Pressingly, the US Government needs to be able to agree and pass ...


Oliver's Insights - March 2011

Summary of Article

  • Japanese earthquake has casused terrible human suffering.
  • Will depress Japan's economy - damage to factories, power, infrastructure, confidence
  • Rebuilding will cause growth. Commodity demand should provide a boost to Australia economy

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Managing RIsk - How to Protect Your Business


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Oliver's Insights January 2011